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Urs Wiesendanger

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Hello music lovers!


It's been a while since the last update, so here we go.

Just finished Nubya's new album three weeks ago. It' took quite some time to finally get it done cause we made some very important last  minute decisions. The album will be released September this year. I also just finished mixing the album of Grammy nominated - British jazz singer Alexia Gardner.who also won the "Swiss Jazz Award" 2011.


After taking some time off from work to recover, i'll be working on a bunch of different productions. I'm be finishing three songs for the very talented, 14 year-old, female singer Julia Star. And I'll be producing and writing her first debut album in the coming month. I will be mixing several tracks for the young "Rock n' Roll" band "The Fires" Just co-wrote, arranged and produced a song for DJ Bobo's brand new release and his upcoming world tour. Besides some regular session work, i'm also thinking of finally making an effort to do another solo album. Although decisions on concept and musical style hasn't been made yet. I try to take this process step by step and see what will come up. Most likely it will be an album like my past two albums: "The Real Me" and "Somebody New" - featuring many different artists and singers. Thank you for passing by and i'll make sure i'll update this page every so often. (there will be a new website also anytime soon)


All the best to all!


Urs Wiesendanger


"Storms Pass Over"







Styler Jett

Hedreich Nicols


Produced and Arranged by Urs Wiesendanger



  Now available on iTunes